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We have been on the forefront for developing the industry standards of the elemental system of measurement and uniformat. By using innovative technology that allows us to access more relevant data for each individual project, graphic area analysis, and our extensive bid and reconciliation data, we are able to benchmark numerous buildings at appropriate current levels. This provides owners and architects with detailed and accurate costing reports based on information from our comprehensive database, knowledgeable staff, and developed processes. Our estimates fall within 5% of bids 19 times out of 20, recognizing that variances from these projections can occur due to lack or surplus of bidders at time of bid, proprietary specifications, contractual and procurement practice, documentation and tendering changes, and contractor's errors and omissions, etc. 

Infographic for accuracy


Why Vermeulens? We have strong “all-in” relationships within our team and our clients.  We are told by our clients that we are attentive to their needs before they know what they want and responsive when they do. We use the latest communication tools to stay connected and communicate with each other and our clients while working on their estimates. These tools make every interaction comfortable and inclusive. Because we stay up to date with the micro and macro economic indicators of the US economy, utilize our market intelligence, and thought leadership,  we are able to provide guidance to the whole team from owner to CM. From principal to project leader to estimator, we are fully committed to your project.

Infographic for accuracy


We have developed a cost control process that enables us to provide clients with the most detailed and accurate information to assist them in making major project decisions.  We truly add value beyond estimation from parallel estimating, value optimization, and reconciliation. During the reconciliation process, our team and the CM come together at the end of the process to facilitate the final price for the project. We encourage the truth of the numbers based on real time data, confidence, and realistic costs. We believe that the whole process ought to be treated as a valuable learning tool for the whole team. The result of the deliberations is a fully understood and considered consensus view of the project, which all parties can buy into.

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