Christina Giftopoulos

Team Lead

Image of Christina Giftopoulos

Christina is a Team Lead for Architectural & Structural (A&S). She has over 14 years of industry experience and has been involved in many of the firm’s largest and complex projects in higher education, healthcare, science+technology and cultural designs as well as in other industries. Christina is focused on A&S sections of a project, including substructure, superstructure, cladding, and landscape, and works collaboratively with the A&S estimating team. Her approach to a project is inclusive and committed with a shared vision, and she is passionate about sustainability, collaborative relationships, and innovation.

Christina really enjoys the training of new employees and managing team meetings. With every project she works on, she has a unique ability to identify the bigger picture, not to get too bogged down with the details that don’t matter, and to focus on the big cost drivers of the project. She particularly enjoys collaborating in teams with high levels of technical expertise for the implementation of challenging projects. In her role as Senior A&S Estimator, Christina works on takeoff, writeups, project reviews, holding team meetings, provides insight into the logistics and complexity of each design stage through relevant project management experience, and works closely with the Interiors and MEP estimating staff on each project.

"Don't be busy, be productive."
- Unknown