Blair Tennant, LEED AP

Principal, Director of Business Development

Image of Blair Tennant

Blair is a Principal, the Director of Business Development, and liaison in the South Central. Blair joined Vermeulens soon after graduating in 2004. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering and Management from McMaster University. He is nationally recognized for his presentations on the topic of construction economics and forecasting. Blair looks at cost reconciliation risks and opportunities in a project. He believes that with a professional and collaborative approach to reconciliation, maximized value and minimal risk can be arrived at for the project. Discrepancies in the estimates are opportunities, not points of contention.

Blair is also a Project Leader and Lead MEP Estimator.

After growing up and starting his career in Southwestern Ontario, Blair has adopted San Antonio, Texas as his new home. He met his wife there and it is where they are now raising a family. Outside of work, Blair can be found with his wife and two boys or on the golf course. One distinctive thing about Blair that many clients comment on is his use of an ancient, cumbersome calculator. They joke that if it breaks or he loses it, he will have to retire!

“Rather than half empty or half full, I tend to relate to “the glass is twice as big as it needs to be”. I guess it is the engineer in me.”