Total Benefit Analysis

Vermeulens Webinar Event


This presentation demonstrates how construction economics measure benefits in the context of our built environment.

Using processes developed to facilitate savings and optimization of design, steps will be identified to maximize choice, access, mobility, and preferred space in our ecology and economy.

Attendees will be shown how a master plan cost model, the Eco-City, is evaluated for measured savings against project mission/vision/values, such as:

  • Identification and elimination of externalized cost
  • Access to wellness choices such as institutional, recreational, and social spaces
  • Privacy, enfranchisement, and ownership
  • Natural and human diversity
  • Recyclable building materials and renewable resources
  • Access to diverse employment, shopping, and business environments
  • Choice, safety, and speed of mobility
  • Reduced land cost, tax rates, and regulations

An interactive question and answer session will challenge the group to see issues through the lens of measured value and benefit. A step by step approach will illustrate how benefits are calculated to create compounding savings.

This course is AIA accredited:
Course Number: VCC006

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