The Escalation Roller Coaster

Vermeulens Webinar Event


This presentation introduces an empirical approach to indexing escalation in the Institutional Commercial Industrial construction market.

Major institutional and commercial owners, developers, and designers will benefit from Vermeulens pre-construction cost control and escalation risk management process, keeping you off the redesign treadmill.

Using a 35-year history of line item construction cost bid analysis, as Construction Economists we use comparative analysis, scope reconciliation, procurement factors, and local market conditions to normalize and catalog both trade and total project price databases.

Through numerous case studies and examples, attendees will see how construction economics provides insight into;

  • Material, Labor, and Margin composition of bid prices and their relationship through the business cycle.
  • Overview of Macro-Economic indicators and their relationship to the construction market.
  • Overlay of construction price, asset price, and employment levels.
  • Forecasts based on historical trends and monetary policy. 

An interactive session will lead attendees through a discussion of procurement approaches, contingency levels and allocation, local market analysis, reconciliation processes and negotiated procurement, and a cost escalation control checklist.

This course is AIA accredited:
Course Number: VCC004

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